We are currently taking some time off from making custom decorated cakes.  Pastry Chef Eleanor Tsang is re-evaluating her design and production process in order to provide a more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Until further notice, we will not be taking orders for custom decorated cakes.

New Cake Decorating Trends

There isn’t anything more delectable than that first bite of a freshly baked, divine cake.  The mix of moist, rich cake with sweet frosting is worth all of the effort put into making it.  Besides the wonderful blends of flavours, we love cakes for their decorative exteriors (and sometimes the surprise decoration on the inside as well!).  The newest cake decorating trends are exciting, eye-catching, and can encourage some pretty inspiring creativity.

Flowers, flowers everywhere

We’ve known for a long time that certain flowers are edible, and maybe you’ve even sampled a few in salads or as a candied treat, but if you haven’t had a cake with edible flowers, you’re missing out.  Not only do we love the nature inspired feel, but the gorgeous exterior is like the best kind of garden we can think of.  With flowers in all sorts of sizes, types and colours, you’ve got a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Dressed in black

You’ve seen pink cakes, red cakes, yellow cakes…and cakes in a rainbow of swirls, but if you want to stay at the forefront of cake colour trend, black is best.  Black is dramatic, and if the rest of the cake decor is simple, it can make a bigger statement than any other colour on the palette wheel.  Black commands attention, is dignified, and can make just the impact that you’re looking for. If you find black too bold but love the idea of a more dramatic feel to a cake, navy is also making a show stopping appearance as complete coverage, or as a band wrapped around the center of a cake.  Just as with black, navy is best served when displayed without much other decor to detract from its bold flavour.

Shapes and sizes

The simplicity of a round cake will never be out of style, but if you’re looking for something a little different, square cakes offer a unique surface area for decorative creativity.  They can stand alone or be stacked, either in neat little boxes or set off center.  A square cake is the perfect background for big decorative elements, and can act as a frame for center stage design features. Why stop there?  Silicone moulds are opening doors to the fun trend of making cakes in all shapes and sizes.  Your imagination is truly the limit when you’re looking for a cake in which the shape itself is the main feature on display.  With ripples, mounds, ovals, bubbles and waves at your disposal, it’ll be very interesting to see what other options silicone moulds will offer bakers in the upcoming months.

Mirrored surfaces

A little glaze goes a long way!  For a truly unique cake, try one of the trendiest finishes this year to make its mark; a glazed surface so shiny that it could double as a mirror!  If you want to keep other cake decor



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